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Time has come to show our newcomers in the scooter collection “Roland Kornhaeusl” – the collection with the most variety on scooters from the 50’s and 60’s in Austria.

Some nice scoots were joining the collection like a Maicoletta 250 from Great Britain with a Watsonian sidecar (only few of them were produced), a IWL Troll and a Tatran scooter in original condition as well as a Lohner L125 unrestored with original receipts and papers from the 50’s, a rare KTM Mirabell with beautiful patina which should be kept the way it is and a very rare and unique – by a specialized company in upper Austria modified – Puch RL125 which was used for transporting wood and cargo through the alps of Austria (only few are produced and much less are survived – in the collection “Roland Kornhaeusl” you can see even two of them).

 Maicoletta250Watsonian (Copy) Maicoletta250Watsonian (2) (Copy)

Maicolett 250 with Watsonian sidecar

IWLTroll150 (2) (Copy)

IWL Troll 150 in original condition with nice patina

Tatran125 (Copy) Tatran125 (2) (Copy)

Tatran 125 in original condition

KTMMirabell125 (Copy)

KTM Mirabell 125 in original condition - shall be left the way it is

PuchRL125Nutzfahrzeug (2) (Copy) PuchRL125Nutzfahrzeug (Copy)

Puch RL125 modified by an company from upper Austria




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