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As you are able to find it in summer in Austria as well you can do so in Papua New Guinea – but just in April or whenever it rains.

Stand up early and with a little bit of luck you might find different kind of mushrooms. I found three different once which I even did not know before and not able to name them in English. Anyway, each of them can be prepared and used for different kind of food.

…. and as a regular visitor on our page and blog you might already know what’s coming next. And yes you are right - me and my team tried it out all. We found the right once for beef stew, the right once which are going along which a typical Austrian food called “Semmelknoedel” and we were even able to provide mushrooms with crunchy skin. One kind has a very strong texture, others are a little slimy and watery. Others good for deep frying – each suitable for several kind of dishes.

So end of the day you might come (after all my blogs concerning food) to the conclusion that it is like in Austria – only that the pigs are fishes, the cows are crocodiles, the sheep and goats are turtles, the chickens for grayfish and squids, the apples are pawpaws, the cherries are laulau, the berries are rambutan, the spinach are ferns, the potatoes are different kinds of roots. But generally all things here are basically actually more or less almost the same as in Austria, aren’t they?

IMG_2629 (Copy) IMG_2630 (Copy)

Mushroom kind No. 1 and No. 2 …

IMG_2690 (Copy) IMG_2687 (Copy)

 … MTA and the harvest …

IMG_2694 (Copy)

… ready to eat


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