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Riddle of the day


Riddle of the day!

We are looking for the name of the animal you see in pieces!

First price: 1 week of accomodation free at the Korni’s in Buka (price excl. flights to and from Buka)

Second price: 1 South Pacific beer whenever we come to visit you

Third price: none

All aswers should be send to the following email-accoung: rolandkornhaeusl@gmail.com. Under all rights answers which arrive within 24 horus the winner will be drawn. Process of law is excluded.

IMG_3023 (Copy)

Small pieces of meat - Do you know already? Not yet – give it another try! Or need a little help?

IMG_3016 (Copy)

Big piece of meat – And what do you think now? Still no clue? One  hint I can give!

IMG_3001 (Copy)

Now its really easy, isn’t it? As mentioned: We are looking for the name of the animal and not for the South Pacific Beauties!

Enjoy, the answer and the results in a couple of days. We are already looking forward to your emails and welcome especially “you” on Bougainville!


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