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The long awaited news! The work permit and visas are here, at last! But we have been told that we have to leave immediately – Shock! We still have to do this; we still have to do that!

We tried to organize as much as possible (were not much because of holiday and weekend) in the one day we had left. After all we were able – through help from our family and friends – to deregister Marie-Therese from Kindergarten and School, to visit our doctor of trust and pack our luggage’s. These were one of the trickiest agenda as we didn’t know which airline we would be booked on and therefore also the quantity of luggage’s allowed.

Finally, time to say “Good bye” came – a last “Schnitzel with Kernoel-Salad, a Backhendl and the last Austrian beer(s) at our favourite place Gasthaus “Zur Sonne”. Even Evelyne and Barbara at the Kindergarten were able to make a farewell party for MTA and many of MTA’s friends were really sad that she is leaving again to a far away land. It was not that easy for many of them and some tears ran down their cheeks.

Thanks a lot for all the wishes and farewell gifts (which are with MTA here in Buka).

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