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The day of travelling! The start to a long journey to the far east – to the beginning of the world or to the end – you name it.

We said Good-bye to our family, neighbours and friends and then the journey started with the trip from the bush of Austria/Bad Gleichenberg to Vienna Airport. There Kerstin Rotter joined us. Kerstin will work in Arawa/Bougainville as well. Together we went to Dubai with a 10-hour-stop to the connection flight to Singapore. As there was not room booked we stayed at the Airport in Dubai. Roland and MTA were trying to relax but Amina wasn’t able to sleep due to the sleeping opportunities at the Airport. Next day we flew to Singapore with some delay but just enough time to get the connection flight to Papua New Guinea – Port Moresby, our “residence” for the next two days.

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