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I was looking forward to the first day in school. I got a pink schoolbag, a pink lunch box and a pink water bottle as I told my Mama and my Papa that for girls there is nothing else than pink acceptable.

Sure at the beginning I was nervous as well as I didn’t know what to expect and felt a little bit uncomfortable. But after 10 minutes in school everything was ok and now I am already looking forward to the next days (as there is only 1 week left before 3 weeks of holidays will start). The plan is to go for swimming across the passage to “main land”. The school has nice teachers, whereby one of them is Margret S, the wife of Andi S.

Whenever the day finishes (in Pisin: taim san i go daun) and I am coming home tired from playing and waiting for supper I become a little sad because I miss my friends from Austria and Kenya and also Oma and Opa.

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