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With our friends Andre, Ute, Andi and his family, Amina and MTA were able to move a little around. They went to Sohano Island and to Bonus beach, a sand beach where children are able to enjoy the sea …. and sharks are not coming around that often ;-) – normally.

Sohano is a small island which lays in the passage. It’s quite green (as everything here) and you can also see the remaining of a plane from WW II. As there is something like a private resort on it you can find a little bit of gardening done – quite beautiful.

By the way I wasn’t part of the trip as I now became something like “The constant gardener”. You are asking the reason? I’ll tell you: You cut plants, it rains (once a day), it grows and what do you think? Right – you cut again and it rains again …… the circle of life, isn’t it?

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